Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Top 5 reasons to use a Wedding Planner

Why use a wedding planner? Most Brides and Mothers of the Bride will begin the planning process without even considering using a planner. "I can plan this myself without incurring the planner's fee" is a common initial thought and comment we hear. What they don’t realize is that the
Average wedding takes over 300 hours to plan, and costs $30,000 (in the Dallas area). Even though these are averages, those numbers are staggering. A trained and reputable planner will most often:
-Receive preferred vendor discounts
-Negotiate better package/pricing rates
-Provide creative suggestions to make the most of your budget
-Suggest and provide proven quality wedding vendors
Wedding vendors are motivated to make sure they go the extra mile and provide quality service when a wedding planner is involved because they realize repeat business is what is at stake. In addition, you must remember that not all vendors are reputable - despite their claims. Experience and proven results are your best defense - and a wedding planner brings that to the table. When you consider what a planner can save you, its minor in comparison to spending thousands on a one time event and "hoping for the best". Shenanigans brings not only confidence and organization to your plans, but also a genuine concern and desire to help you achieve the day of your dreams!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What does a wedding cost?

We meet with so many brides that aren’t sure about their budget – and ask “What does a wedding cost?” Well, that question has more answers than there are days in a year! How much a wedding costs depends on the bride's vision for the wedding. Is décor most important, or is great food your passion? Will you have a large social event or an intimate gathering? One thing holds constant - the reception is where most of your wedding dollars will go – taking an average of 56% of your wedding budget. Deciding what you want to spend is the best way to stay on track and really keep your pocketbook in line with your "dreams". Don’t be afraid to share your budget with your vendors. If your vision is drastically out of line with your budget, they will bring you back to reality while helping you figure out what you can afford. At Shenanigans Weddings and Events, we strive to maximize each dollar spent in order to achieve the fairy tale each bride deserves.

"Ringing" in Shenanigans Weddings and Events Blog

Welcome to the first edition of the Shenanigans Weddings and Events Blog! We invite you to join us each week as we share amazing pictures from our weddings and events, fun ideas that you can incorporate into your special day as well as wedding planning tips and creative ways to stretch your wedding budget! Some ideas you may love, others you may not, but either way we hope to inspire and encourage you as you prepare for your big day! Look for décor ideas, budget do’s and don’ts, and what to look for in a wedding coordinator. At Shenanigans Weddings and Events, our goal is to make your day as special as you have dreamt it to be!