Friday, January 13, 2012

We've Moved!!

Great news, everyone! 

We are SO excited to announce that we have moved to a new location!
You can now visit our office in Grapevine, Texas, in the heart of the DFW metroplex. We're located 30 minutes from Dallas and 30 minutes from Fort Worth, nestled in the building of a historic landmark right off Grapevine's Main Street.

In this new location, we can design mock-tablescapes with our clients, show our vast array of inventory items from centerpieces, to candles, to table numbers, to linen swatches, to reception decor, and beyond!

Click on the image of the map below 
for directions to our new location!

We can't wait to host you in our new home...
See you soon!

Friday, November 4, 2011

All About Branding!

When you think about weddings, do you also think of the word "branding"? Probably not. It's not like you're selling a service or running a business, right? Why would a wedding need to be branded?

It's pretty simple, really. Arguably the single most important aspect of planning any event is ensuring that there is a strong sense of cohesion from beginning to end. This cohesiveness is what makes your wedding flow together in harmony, creating a picturesque event that is uniquely YOURS--- it's your brand!

Typically we associate brands with logos, but that's not always the case for a wedding. While some couples do choose to use their monogram as a type of logo for their wedding, (which is super cute, might we add), there are also many other ways to execute a well branded wedding. These ideas include employing a consistent color theme from start to finish, using the same fonts on all printed materials, or using a design theme such as nautical or whimsical for all wedding elements to reference.

With the help of our team at Shenanigans, we can create a perfectly branded wedding that is unique to you. After all, it's our job to make your dreams come true!

Enjoy these beautiful photos from one of our well branded weddings to inspire your own branding ideas! (This particular wedding was branded by the color purple with accents of yellow. Additionally, there were references to the bride and groom's alma matter, Texas Christian University, throughout the wedding in various ways.)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Let's Hear it for the Girls!

Last week we talked about how equally important and difficult it can be to purchase thank you gifts for the groomsmen or males in your wedding party... but we can't forget about the lovely ladies! The ladies who have spent the entire time leading up to the wedding listening to all of your ideas, thoughts, frustrations, excitement, hopes, and fears deserve a very special "Thank You"!

There are so many ways to demonstrate your gratitude through gift giving, which is why it is vitally important to choose a gift that is personal and significant to the recipient. Additionally, we recommend avoiding the use of stereotypical gifts that have been over-exposed by the wedding industry. Don't get us wrong, flip-flops for the reception or jewelry to wear with their bridesmaid dress does get the job done... but these gifts pale in comparison to a unique gift that is thoughtfully selected.

That's where we come in! We love to help our brides put their thoughts into action by suggesting beautiful and thoughtful gifts ideas for the wedding party that will truly communicate how much each individual is appreciated.

Here are a few fabulous gifts ideas that our brides have used... all of which were such a hit with their friends!

If you're going to give jewelry, make it something personal, beautiful, and something they will cherish for years! This monogram cuff bracelet is the perfect combination of class and fashion... a gift that your friends really will wear and appreciate for years to come!

Adding a monogram to any gift shows that you went the extra mile to make it personal. This beautiful spa towel and slipper set is something that any of your friends would love to receive. This gift is timeless, functional, thoughtful-- and completely adorable! Function is a key consideration with your gift selection. Every time your girlfriend uses this cozy set, she will think of how much fun she had when she stood by you on your wedding day!

Personalized, hand painted wine glasses! We all love a wine night with our girlfriends, right!? This gift has it all... function, style, creativity, and class! And what great pictures you will have if your bridesmaids all use the glamorous glasses at your reception!

Celebrate your friendship with a personalized bottle of champagne! You can customize each bottle for every bridesmaid by writing individual messages that are etched into the glass, creating the most priceless keepsake long after the bottle is popped! What a heartfelt and fabulously fun way to say "Thank You!"

We hope you enjoy these ideas... but there are many more where these came from!

Allow us to help find the fabulous gifts that your bridal party deserves!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Great Groomsman Gifts!

Sometimes the greatest challenge that any bride and groom will face as they near the end of their wedding planning adventure is what kind of gift they will give their wedding party. They need to find the perfect gift that says, "Thank you for supporting me and standing by me on the most important day of my life... a day that I have video and photographical evidence of, and that I will commemorate with my spouse every single year of our lives"... no big deal, right? WRONG! This gift is sincerely important to many couples, and they want to make sure the gesture is thoughtful, enjoyable, and demonstrates a proper amount of gratitude.

As if this task isn't challenging enough, it gets even more complicated when selecting a gift for the males in the wedding party. Finding an appropriate gift that will be truly enjoyed by the guys, as well as one that WON'T break the bank can really be a problem!

This is where we come in! We have an endless list of ideas for groomsman gifts that we share with our brides and grooms to make this part of the process as easy and enjoyable as possible, while still maintaining the thoughtfulness and importance of the gesture!

Here are just a couple of our favorite ideas…


Guys typically enjoy one of two concepts for gifts: funny/entertaining or functional. These mustache glasses are both! Our groomsmen enjoyed posing for silly pictures with these hilarious glasses as much as they enjoyed the beverage poured inside! These are memorable and make for amazing photos. They're also an item that your groomsman will keep and use again, which really adds value to the gift. A true win-win!

Channeling his inner Charlie Chaplin!

What professional male would not enjoy the functionality of a stainless steel USB drive key-chain? There are endless uses for these little devices, and adding a personal touch by engraving the cap with the groomsman's monogram shows that the gift was not randomly selected. This gift is functional, thoughtful, and will most definitely be used long after the wedding festivities have concluded.

Do you have a few sports fanatics in your wedding party? In that case, there would be few better gifts than a cooler in the color of their favorite team that is personalized with their name or monogram! Not only is this gift functional and thoughtful, but it's something that a guy would probably not purchase for themselves. Most of them probably tailgate with an old plastic cooler, but they will appreciate and enjoy having something personal and nice looking! You can even add some adult beverages inside the cooler for an extra surprise! SO cool!

For more ideas, contact us! ...We're here to help! :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sensational Send-Offs!

First impressions are important, but last impressions are a MUST!

How you choose to make your exit should truly be the icing on your magnificent, wedding-cake-filled day! Sure, bird seed, bubbles, and flower petals are timeless classics that will always be used as a way to celebrate the send-off of the bride and groom... but let's turn up the volume! Why not get creative by employing the elements of surprise and delight with new and exciting ideas that will *WOW* your guests and make for priceless photos?

Here are some sensational {{Shenanigans approved}} send-off suggestions (say that 5 times fast!) that will leave your guests mesmerized by the all-around fabulous-ness of your event... from beautiful beginning to extraordinary end!

Ribbon wands create just the right amount of whimsy on your perfect day! Not to mention, the beautiful color-coordinated streamers look stunning in photos!

Sparklers are jut simply beautiful! They make for some of the very best exit photos and they're a hit with guests of all ages. What's even more exciting, there are special types of sparklers that are slow burning, allowing for enough time to make your exit, as well as colored sparklers that coordinate with your wedding colors!

Dance your way into the night with a musical exit! Using instruments such as a trombone, trumpet, guitar, or many others to lead the way creates a fun and exciting element of surprise!This kind of exit is sure to keep the energy alive right up to the very last minute!

When it's time to GO, it's time to GLOW!!

Glow sticks are such a fun and unique way to make your exit. They can be ordered in huge quantities of any color, they're relatively inexpensive, and guests love them!

Fireworks! Need we say more? Nothing has quite the same WOW-factor as an illuminated sky full of brilliant, sparkly colors. This is not only entertaining, but also sets the scene for the most stunning photos!

Photo courtesy of Google Images.

Light the way with these stunning driveway flares! Your guests will stare in awe as your get-away car whisks you and your new husband away into the night and disappears into the glow of these sparkling flares! How incredibly romantic... and let's be honest, it's picture perfect!
Photo courtesy of Google Images.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fabulous Flower Girls!

Any little girl would be overjoyed to be a part of your big day, wear a princess dress, and have her moment in the spotlight as she walks down the aisle just before the bride. But why not make the experience even more exciting by adding something unusual and, well... fabulous!

Several of our beloved brides have searched for exactly that-- something to make their flower girl stand out from the norm and add the element of surprise and delight to their special day! With the help of our team at Shenanigans, dreaming up these ideas and making them a reality is a cinch!

Check out some of the fabulous flower girls and flower girl accessories from the weddings of our dear brides...

These lovely little ladies had a great time with this super fun sign! Not to mention, it made for a very grand and memorable entrance for the bride!

Another shot of the precious sign...

Flower girl baskets made of real flowers! The girls LOVED them and had fun showing the guests their unique totes all night!

This Pomander Ball is a very beautiful accessory for a flower girl, and it's a nice change from the traditional basket of flowers! In addition to looking beautifully chic, these are very easy for the little ones to hold on to!

What flower girl wouldn't love her own Flower Wand? This accessory adds just the right amount of whimsy to your wedding, and serves as a prized possession of any flower girl!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Radiant Gradient

Have you been stressed about your color selection for your event or wedding because it's so difficult to find everything you're looking for in just the right shade? Of course that can add stress! Not everything is made in the perfect shade of Lemon Citrine or Roseberry Pink. That's why we're happy to share with you a major trend that we have been noticing lately...

{Shades of Color!}

Instead of sticking to one specific shade of each color, why not employ a beautiful gradient of one or two colors? It's a very easy way to give your wedding a well branded, cohesive look without stressing about how you're going to find two hundred napkin rings in "Relax Blue" or eight bow ties in "Fresh Green".


Look at these stunning options for a gradient themed wedding using the color pink... with several shades of the same color, your choices and possibilities are endless!


*Photo courtesy of Google Image Search

*Photo courtesy of Google Image Search


*Photo courtesy of Google Image Search

*Photo courtesy of The
Allow us to help you select a beautiful gradient of colors to relieve stress and add beauty to your wedding day!