Thursday, October 27, 2011

Let's Hear it for the Girls!

Last week we talked about how equally important and difficult it can be to purchase thank you gifts for the groomsmen or males in your wedding party... but we can't forget about the lovely ladies! The ladies who have spent the entire time leading up to the wedding listening to all of your ideas, thoughts, frustrations, excitement, hopes, and fears deserve a very special "Thank You"!

There are so many ways to demonstrate your gratitude through gift giving, which is why it is vitally important to choose a gift that is personal and significant to the recipient. Additionally, we recommend avoiding the use of stereotypical gifts that have been over-exposed by the wedding industry. Don't get us wrong, flip-flops for the reception or jewelry to wear with their bridesmaid dress does get the job done... but these gifts pale in comparison to a unique gift that is thoughtfully selected.

That's where we come in! We love to help our brides put their thoughts into action by suggesting beautiful and thoughtful gifts ideas for the wedding party that will truly communicate how much each individual is appreciated.

Here are a few fabulous gifts ideas that our brides have used... all of which were such a hit with their friends!

If you're going to give jewelry, make it something personal, beautiful, and something they will cherish for years! This monogram cuff bracelet is the perfect combination of class and fashion... a gift that your friends really will wear and appreciate for years to come!

Adding a monogram to any gift shows that you went the extra mile to make it personal. This beautiful spa towel and slipper set is something that any of your friends would love to receive. This gift is timeless, functional, thoughtful-- and completely adorable! Function is a key consideration with your gift selection. Every time your girlfriend uses this cozy set, she will think of how much fun she had when she stood by you on your wedding day!

Personalized, hand painted wine glasses! We all love a wine night with our girlfriends, right!? This gift has it all... function, style, creativity, and class! And what great pictures you will have if your bridesmaids all use the glamorous glasses at your reception!

Celebrate your friendship with a personalized bottle of champagne! You can customize each bottle for every bridesmaid by writing individual messages that are etched into the glass, creating the most priceless keepsake long after the bottle is popped! What a heartfelt and fabulously fun way to say "Thank You!"

We hope you enjoy these ideas... but there are many more where these came from!

Allow us to help find the fabulous gifts that your bridal party deserves!

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