Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sensational Send-Offs!

First impressions are important, but last impressions are a MUST!

How you choose to make your exit should truly be the icing on your magnificent, wedding-cake-filled day! Sure, bird seed, bubbles, and flower petals are timeless classics that will always be used as a way to celebrate the send-off of the bride and groom... but let's turn up the volume! Why not get creative by employing the elements of surprise and delight with new and exciting ideas that will *WOW* your guests and make for priceless photos?

Here are some sensational {{Shenanigans approved}} send-off suggestions (say that 5 times fast!) that will leave your guests mesmerized by the all-around fabulous-ness of your event... from beautiful beginning to extraordinary end!

Ribbon wands create just the right amount of whimsy on your perfect day! Not to mention, the beautiful color-coordinated streamers look stunning in photos!

Sparklers are jut simply beautiful! They make for some of the very best exit photos and they're a hit with guests of all ages. What's even more exciting, there are special types of sparklers that are slow burning, allowing for enough time to make your exit, as well as colored sparklers that coordinate with your wedding colors!

Dance your way into the night with a musical exit! Using instruments such as a trombone, trumpet, guitar, or many others to lead the way creates a fun and exciting element of surprise!This kind of exit is sure to keep the energy alive right up to the very last minute!

When it's time to GO, it's time to GLOW!!

Glow sticks are such a fun and unique way to make your exit. They can be ordered in huge quantities of any color, they're relatively inexpensive, and guests love them!

Fireworks! Need we say more? Nothing has quite the same WOW-factor as an illuminated sky full of brilliant, sparkly colors. This is not only entertaining, but also sets the scene for the most stunning photos!

Photo courtesy of Google Images.

Light the way with these stunning driveway flares! Your guests will stare in awe as your get-away car whisks you and your new husband away into the night and disappears into the glow of these sparkling flares! How incredibly romantic... and let's be honest, it's picture perfect!
Photo courtesy of Google Images.

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